8 Fun Things to do While High

Let’s face it, being high is awesome. Although we think there are some things that are just a little more fun to do while high. If you haven’t tried all of the things on this list yet, pop your favorite Delta 8 gummy in your mouth and take some notes before it kicks in.


We’ve broken this list down into two categories. Fun things you can do inside and outside. So, no matter if you are stuck to the confines of your home or if you’re enjoying the great outdoors. This list is sure to give you some great ideas of fun things to do while high.


 8 Fun things to do while high indoors


  1. Listen to Music

Listen to music while high

In our opinion there is nothing that compares to vibing out to your favorite music. The cerebral high you get from Delta 8 is an amazing way to connect to your favorite artist and appreciate the patterns and metaphors. Since THC can intensify how your brain receives stimuli, being high while listening to music really lets you experience the music in a whole different way.  


  1. Video Games

gaming while high

This goes together like peanut butter and jelly, video games and being high are a match made in heaven. There is no better way to immerse yourself into your favorite game like gaming high. Our suggestion would be to play as a group, either in person or over a network. Just keep in mind that reaction times most likely won’t be at an all-time high. Exploration games may be the most fun, although some do find the perfect amount of Delta 8 can get them in the zone for all kinds of gaming.


  1. Watch TV / Movie

Watch a movie high

There’s just something about Delta 8 that make watching your favorite TV show or movie so much better. Not to mention being high is the perfect state to binge really anything. With so many streaming options packed with great content, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and HBO Max, you have enough shows and movies to binge watch indefinitely.


  1. Write

Writing while high

There is no debating that getting high can defeat that writers block that we’ve all experienced. Being high also enables you to brainstorm more easily, helping you to choose a direction to take your work. With the help of Delta 8 or HHC crafting the perfect introduction or nailing the final chapter in the novel or poem you’ve been working on will be that much easier. 


  1. Clean or do Chores

Cleaning while high

Cleaning can often be monotonous and rhythmic. Which is exactly why doing so while high can turn a not-so-fun chore into something you actually enjoy. Nothing like turning one of the worst things on your to-do list and flipping it 180°, maybe doing chores high will put them at the top of your list of things to do while high. As a bonus, you’ll always appreciate the final outcome. So, slip on those cleaning gloves and take a blinker off your favorite disposable vape and get to work!


  1. Read A Book

Read a book while high

No different than getting sucked into a great show or movie, reading a book while high is a great time. The concentration and clear-headedness that Delta 8 can give you makes it a perfect option to reach to before you embark on your next read.


  1. Be Creative! Draw, Paint, or Color 

Create art while high

It’s no secret that Delta 8 and HHC can unlock your creative potential. Is there a better way to solidify those creative ideas than to put them on paper? Drawing, painting, and coloring can be a rewarding activity, even getting the most artistically challenged to have fun. Keep in mind, you don’t need to be the most artistic to have fun with this. Let yourself explore and have fun!


  1. Take a Nap 

Nap while high

Delta 8 can let your body relax and your mind drift off to faraway places. Your dreams can be enhanced, and you can be swept away. This is one of our favorite things to do while high. For the best experience we suggest Delta 8 over HHC due to Delta 8’s calming effects.


Top 8 Things to do while high outside


Staying home and getting high is great, but there are some experiences you just won’t get indoors. For those looking to venture outside here are our top 8 things to do while high outside.


  1. Nature Hike

Nature Hike while high

Enjoy the great outdoors. Your connection to the outside world will be experienced in a whole new way. This has probably the most popular thing to do outside while high. For good reason, it’s extremely enjoyable to reflect on your thoughts and enjoy nature while high. Maybe stick to some well-marked trails if you’re worried about getting lost.


  1. Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

Visit the aquarium while high

One of the most mesmerizing things, is to watch beautiful creatures in their element. If you’ve ever watched stingrays or jellyfish swim past, you’ll agree. Petting stingrays and starfish are even more of a treat. Getting high while visiting all of the different exhibits and enclosures can be a really fun  


  1. Picnic

Have a picnic while high

Having a picnic takes two of our favorite things to do while high and combines them. Could you ask for anything better? You not only get to get outside and enjoy nature, but you also get to eat your favorite foods. A picnic is also a great way to get together with friends, not that you can’t host a picnic for yourself.


  1. Camping Around the Bonfire

Camping while high around the bonfire

For those who enjoy camping, weather glamping with all of the comforts of home or roughing it in a tent on the ground, we think camping around the bonfire is a great time. With the addition of Delta 8, you’ll be surprised how many future camping trips you’ll be planning  


  1. Meditate

Meditate while high

You can meditate just about anywhere, but meditation outside while high is one of the best ways to connect with your thoughts and emotions. All while doing so outside makes for an experience like non other.


  1. Star Gaze

Star gazing while high

Imagine a cool evening, you are relaxing on a nice blanket on the ground looking up into the sky. How amazing does that sound? Sounds like a great time to us. Star gazing can be very relaxing activity and with the help of THC your mind can be allowed to wander and only start to imagine the depths of space and the world that we are surrounded by.


  1. Go Out to Eat

Trying new restaurants while high

Eating out while high is one of the best times to try out a new restaurant or drop by one of your local favorites. Once the munchies take over, your tastebuds will be alive, and you will have a whole new appreciation for foods. Round up your buddies and pick your next restaurant to visit before you pass around your next pre roll.


      8. Outdoor Games

Disc Golf while high

If you prefer to be more active after getting high, these options may be for you. Playing outdoor sports and activities can be really enjoyable. Things like disc golf, volleyball, tennis, or corn hole are great ways to spend quality time with friends in the great outdoors. 

No matter what you decide to do while high, you’ll need high quality Delta 8 or HHC to get you there. Everyday Delta has everything you need right here. Being high can enhance almost experience so we encourage you to experiment and find out what your favorite things to do while high are. Of course, be sure to be safe and have fun.