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Good mellow urb.

The vape I purchased was clogged or something. I couldn’t draw on it at all. The whole thing was a waste. Very dissatisfied!

My favorite vape on the market!

So far I have tried the Sherberry Zaza and the Purple Zkittles and they both taste amazing, produce big clouds, and make getting to sleep a lot easier. So happy I found this website!

Great flavor!

Excellent flavor and definitely helps with calming my mind for sleep! This is my first time purchasing anything from this company and I highly recommend them! Fast delivery too!

Another win for Delta Munchies

These gummies taste great, have a nice consistency, effects are pleasant and the price is right. Any of delta munchies gummies I’ve gotten have been fantastic.

Works well.

Nice design (I'm never buying a disposable that doesn't preheat again), solid hits, feels good.

A device that works

I like to try all products i can and these large containers devices are usually a disaster but this one! Worked nicely and after half of the container was consumed, some clogging took place and the pre heat button solved it without any trauma. Well, I simply love it. I am able to enjoy the whole content and not only half or even zero
Even being an experienced user i could feel the nice potency of this product with minimal annoyance in my throat. Wonderful product and i will buy it again.


I tried these one night by starting with 1 and took an additional one each hour until I hit 4. I definitely had a very pleasant experience and felt happy the entire time. I was more creative and wanted to listen to music. I found myself just melting into the couch at times. Another time I took 2 all at once and 2 later that night. I prefer the slow approach if you have the time to enjoy it.

Handy device

Just got a hold of this recently and got say it’s a pretty cool battery. Smaller than i expected which makes it easier to conceal though. I like the magnetic attachments for easy switches between carts. Heat settings are adequate however. Nothing extra as far as vapor. See this as a cool change up and something easy to stand up straight for less clogging. Steak look as well

Really nice vape, cool color good draw. The buzz is intense the flavor is very nice.


They are definitely worth the purchase. They are quite strong. And your cuatomer service is outstnding

Wonderful customer service

My first purchase came defective and was instantly replaced - free of charge.
This is a great company with amazing products.

Cool Stuff

I saw it appropriate to write this article only after using it. You will not be disappointed. Best stuff around by far. Just a few hits and you are having the time of your life!

Just like the others

It’s a nice product that I was able to enjoy 3/4 of the content, using patience, because it was clogged all the time. I suppose these things should have no more than 2 grams. It always stops working around there. Once i get to the final quarter, it was definitely lost.. didn’t work anymore. Only the usual mess. I paid for the whole thing and for shipping. I suppose nobody cares.
The product itself is pleasant. I’m an experienced user so there’s no super strength or strong effects in a product like this. But it helped me to sleep for longer. I’m always awaken after 2 hours sleeping and with this it lasts much longer.

They're okay

These are great to microdose on, but the actual high is just a decent buzzer

Black cherry

Clean high. Amazing high when watching a show or movie. Have tried pink lemonade, black cherry, and kiwi lime. Black Cherry easily the best flavor out of the bunch.

Haven't seen a better bang for your buck

Sleep is a wonderful thing!

These gummies are consistently great at helping my 83 yo mom get a good night's rest after years of broken and little sleep. She takes half an hour before bedtime and another half midway through the night if necessary. No melatonin hangover, either. I highly recommend the full spectrum CBD + THC.
Everyday Delta delivers!

Good stuff


Great value!

This cart is stronger than Delta 8 exclusively. The blend gives a nice entourage effect and the feeling is almost immediately. Taste is good as well. The only drawback is it’s a bit harsh but not terribly. Take hits slowly and smaller more frequent puffs is better. Stay hydrated for best effects as it can dry your throat a bit. Overall definitely worth the buy. 2 grams!!

one to one ratio

Been using this for over 6 months and there's no doubt for me that a one to one ratio of CBD and Delta 8 is the best for whatever you need it for; sleep, pain, anxiety or stress. One half a gummy per day an hour before bed will get you a good nights rest.

Delta 8 Edibles

The ONLY edibles I will continuously go back to anymore!! I'm always willing to try new but these are my forever favorite..... for now!! They give such a relaxing and calming feeling while still allowing me to enjoy and have fun with those around me! I just love them!

Amazing quality

When I got these I assumed I would have to figure out which one was which since it’s a mix but no, they have them individually wrapped and labeled! The gummies are tasty and have a great texture. Effects are mild. Very good for a before bed or start of the day nudge in the right direction.

Best ever.

These have been the best thing ever for me. Sleep has always been an issue fit me and a band mate recommended these. I take 1/4 of one per night and I get a great nights sleep. Maybe not 8 hours but enough for me. Great price also. I’ll buy from here again and again.