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works great

Delicious and effective

I love these flavorful gummies. Usually I take half.
The entourage effect from full spectrum cbd combined 1:1 with D9 is a smooth way to unrwind in the evening.

Urb D8 | D9 High Potency Gummies

Very pleased with this product. My wife and I are in our late 70's and have a difficult time getting a good nights sleep. We each take 1/4 of a gummy an hour
before going to bed and we each get a great nights sleep. I also suffer from restless leg syndrome and since taking these gummies I have not had a problem
with restless leg at night.


sweet and chewy

Great for relaxing before bed or if you need to chill

I've tried most of the different types, D8, HHC, etc, of vapes and few have much effect at all. This one is my new favorite, it actually is similar to the real deal. Another reviewer said it was harsh, I didn't find that at all, it's easy to hit and easy on my chest.

Very nice

Purple berry gummies are yummy

Love the transparency

That's about it. It's obvious these are good people making an awesome product! Each batch has a number printed on the box

D9 Strawberry Shortcake

So far I'm very pleased These are more potent than the D8 gummies I last purchased. Don't get me wrong I was very happy with the D8s but the D9s are definitely more potent. The best part of dealing with Everyday Delta is the wonderful customer service. They're great & are very prompt in replying to inquiries.

Gets you stoned.

It gets you stoned. It burns hella slow too.

Best shipping service out there.

When you order something they don't wait 2 or 3 days (or more) to ship it. They offer a flat rate shipping for even quicker shipping. Best company out there. Gotta admit that I like the Urb vape better than 3 Chi.

Delicious and powerful

These belts are tasty and easy to eat. I like cutting them up for a more gradual high. Very strong!

Fantastic taste

These gummies are plain delicious so be careful how many you eat. Can easily get carried away when the munchies hit lol

First purchase

I was very impressed by the speed of the order processing! The delivery was fast as well. I like the quality of your merch. The flavours are simple, and tasty. I’m hooked as your customer! Much aloha.


Very satified - placing my third order

I've been trying various dispensaries looking for hemp-derived Delta 9 vape products that actually work. So, I ordered one of the 3Chi Delta 9o Vape Blue Dream cartridges to give it a try. I had expected it to be ineffective like competing products I've tried, but boy was I wrong. One hit and 15 minutes later I'm back online ordering seven more cartridges. And today I'm back ordering more. I've told friends and family about Everyday Delta and I can't say enough good things about the 3Chi 9o Vape products. These product works - period. And it has staying power. Three hours later I'm still buzzed. I HIGHLY recommend Everyday Delta (no pun intended).

These help

Ive been using these for about 2 weeks now and see a difference in my pain management and tolerance! Can definitely see a difference! Super fast shipping and extra goodies inside too!

Very strong

First thing i noticed is it is a little bit harsh so take smaller puffs. The aroma is fantastic and the taste is nice. Strong effects for sure. You get a lot per puff so need to give 20-30 mins between

Put it in your mouth!

Candy is Dandy....

it’s amazing, the taste, the quality, all of it. very enjoyable. would purchase again.

Just two things….

I got visibly less oil with the HHC, and my pen broke first week…. IM not blaming you, ….I do appreciate your company. I’m sure this review will get passed along.


Website and sell was easy fast and convenient!

Moon Walkr never fails

Once again another tasty product from Moon Walkr. These gummies are quality made and give a nice relaxing high you can feel shortly after the first dose. Very good product!

Great all around feeling

This product not only tastes great but kicks in fast and the result you’ll get in a nice relaxing and euphoric experience. Moon walker never has disappointed me. Highly recommended. Best place to get them is right here trust me. Variety and great deals galore!

Mmm mmm good!

The effect is relaxing, but not sleepy and it gives that tiny little munchie feeling in your tum. Awesome company! Great customer service, fast shipping, and free sample with order! These would make great gifts or to keep on hand during the holidays to get dazed 💜😎🌲