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Pretty good

Flavor and size are nice , not very strong and battery runs out fast. 4 stars

smooth smoke

Smoked very well and has great flavor.

I can't get enough of these

These are not only adorable with packaging so cute it hurts to throw away, the flavors are so nice. They hit great to the last drop. I love these for performing chores and doing other daunting tasks where I need a nice buzz and can still maintain some sort of focus. I've tried both Cherry Mojito (Sativa) and Watermelon Zour Candy (Hybrid). Both are delicious. I will be trying them all.

tastes great and not too harsh

I got the blue freeze flavor and I absolutely love it! It tastes like a pixie stick! Kicks in quick too, the menthol was a nice surprise as well. Will probably buy another one when this one runs out

White cherry

No complaints will order again


I enjoy this variety. Just a few pulls does it.


do NOT get la cookies ts clog like hell... everything else is fire tho. hawaiian snow personal fav

Heavy hitting, work best when kept charged up

I have Starry Night and Cotton Candy Zelato. Both strains get me nice and stoned with no paranoia. They taste good and hit smooth. Only complaint is they do start to weaken if hit often over the course of the evening. I've gotten in the habit if keeping all my vapes charged for optimum performance, but I notice the cloud from this getting smaller, sooner with these.

Awesome Product!!!

One hit and I was sold!!



My #1

I love these gummies. I used to use a different brand but decided to try these and I've never gone back. They taste like candy and don't leave a weird taste in your mouth. They do exactly what I need them to do which is quiet my brain so I can truly relax during my free time instead of stressing over what needs to be done tomorrow.

Pretty good

Cheap and effective battery, although magnet is kind of iffy after using it for a few weeks.

I've been trying all different brands and I have to say this brand is awesome

Great support

The people running this store do an excellent job, and great prices as well. It's our #1 shop!

High all day

We get these all the time. They are way better than the dispensary that we go to. Usually we will take a half in am then the other half in the afternoon and we will be good for the day.

Great service

Fast shipping

Great relaxation.

I never been disappointed in any products. Great value. Great service.

Works great

Exactly what I was looking for . Thank you every delta

Solid Tank

Flavor: 3/5
Potency: 3 (1/2) / 5

Coil never burnt, would buy again.

Good could be better

It's quite rough but it does give a good high

Definitely gets the job done!!!

I was skeptical at first but I really am shocked at how well these pens work!!! Already planning my next order. They also last a really long time and easy to use

A lot stronger than I thought

Definitely stronger than I thought!!! My dad got me on to these. Dispensary edibles never worked but these did for him and all I can really handle is edibles. I ate 3 I felt it for over 24 hrs lmao. I'm in love with these!!

They are very effective

I have bought from everyday delta several times, always with great results!

Big ol carts

Really liked the Alien OG torch cart. Great flavor. Too big for my battery.