Our Mission 

Our mission is to educate and provide everyday individuals access to the benefits of Delta 8 and other hemp derived cannabinoids while offering great pricing, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service. 


Who Are We?
Our background stems from the health and fitness industry. Because of this we are no stranger to the fact that not all products are the best fit for everyone. The simple fact that we all react differently to different products and ingredients means that we focus on offering a wide selection of product types, brands, and ingredients. This background is also where we built our passion for helping people be successful in their goals, whether that’s pain relief, reducing anxiety, or helping to get a more restful night's sleep. We formed Everyday Delta with the goal of getting hemp-based products in the hands of those who can benefit from them the most. We saw overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers who use CBD products but were also looking for the psychoactive properties that CBD doesn't deliver. Once we discovered Delta 8 for ourselves, we knew we needed to share it with others. We pride ourselves on only offering top tier brands with premium products that are backed by third party lab testing. 



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