Best Terpenes of Summer 2023

Looking Back at the Best Terpenes of Summer

Summer has a knack for leaving us with unforgettable memories. As we wave goodbye to this season, let's take a moment to look back on the scents and sensations that made your summer cannabis experiences truly special.


Some terpenes truly shine, enhancing warm weather adventures with their unique aromas and flavors. These are the all-stars, the best of the best terpenes that captured our senses and transformed our summer journeys.


So, let's reminisce and revisit the top terpenes of the season, their distinctive characteristics, and the cannabis strains they so gracefully influenced. Ready to take a trip down memory lane? Let's rekindle those radiant summer vibes as we also take a look at what makes for the best terpenes for fall!


Terpenes explained

The Science Behind Terpenes: A Simple Explanation

As you delve into the world of hemp and start learning about the cannabis plant, you might often come across the term 'terpenes'.


These natural compounds are what give plants their distinct aromas. For example, the terpene Limonene found in cannabis plants is also present in orange peels, contributing to its citrusy aroma. Similarly, Pinene, another common terpene found in cannabis, imparts a fresh scent reminiscent of pine.


But these fragrant hydrocarbons are more than just essential oils or aromas. They also play a crucial role in influencing your overall cannabis experience, with different strains exhibiting different terpene profiles.


Terpenes, in the context of cannabis, can be compared to essential oils that determine the flavor and aroma of different strains. The most abundant terpene in cannabis, Myrcene, for instance, lends a grounded, natural scent. On the other hand, Linalool, commonly found in lavender, imparts a floral scent to some marijuana strains.


Each terpene, from the aromatic compounds found in common cannabis terpenes to the unique ones present in different strains, has its distinct contribution to the overall profile of the plant.


The Role of Terpenes Found in THC Products

While THC is often the first compound that comes to mind when thinking about the cannabis plant, terpenes, play no less significant role. The cannabis plant actually uses terpenes to attract pollinators and reject predators. They also interact with cannabinoids like THC, influencing the way your body responds to them, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect.


This means that consuming cannabis products isn't just about the THC or CBD content; the terpenes significantly impact your experience too. For cannabis enthusiasts, understanding the role of terpenes can transform the way you experience different cannabis strains, leading to a more tailored, enjoyable psychoactive experience.


From the citrusy flavors of limonene-rich strains to the piney aroma of alpha-pinene dominant ones, terpenes add a layer of complexity to the cannabis experience.


They're not just about taste and smell, either. Research suggests that cannabis derived terpenes have health benefits too, such as anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties, which only makes understanding them more crucial for anyone interested in cannabis terpenes.


Top 5 summer terpenes

Top 5 Summer Terpenes

Ah, summer! A time of sun-kissed days, warm breezes, and the promise of adventure. Just as the season changes, so too can your cannabis experience.


Among the vibrant, diverse world of terpenes, some stand out as perfect companions for these radiant months. Whether you're planning to lounge by the beach, explore nature, or simply enjoy the long, tranquil evenings, these common terpenes can elevate your summer experience.


Let's dive into the top five summer's best terpenes that best complimented your days with their unique aromas, flavors, and effects. Ready to create your most memorable summer yet? Let's go!


What is Limonene?


The lively, citrusy aroma of Limonene, reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons and zesty oranges, can infuse a dose of summer right into your senses. Touted for its potential antifungal and antibacterial properties, it also boasts impressive mood-enhancing and stress-relieving properties that are perfect for those breezy, carefree summer days.


Research indicates that this particular terpene could have an influential role in managing our immune system function. Additionally, there's growing evidence that it may contribute to inhibiting the proliferation of specific types of cancer cells.


Take advantage of the warm weather with strains like Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Jack Herer all of which are high in Limonene, and enjoy your personal summer escape.


What is myrcene?


Although it may not seem like the obvious choice for the summer season, Myrcene, with its earthy and musky scent, can be the ideal accompaniment for a serene summer night under the stars.


The calming and relaxing effects of Myrcene, one of the most abundant terpenes commonly found in marijuana, can help you wind down after an action-packed summer day.


Indulge in Myrcene-rich strains such as Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, or Northern Lights, and make the most of those tranquil, warm summer nights.


What is pinene?


Summer is all about exploration and adventure, and Pinene, comprised of both Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene is known for its resinous aroma of pine scents and ability to promote alertness, fits right in. In fact, Alpha-Pinene is the most abundant terpene found in nature.


Enjoy the freshness of a summer morning hike, Pinene strains include God's Gift, Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough, or Island Sweet Skunk. Strains high in Pinene are known to have potential unique medical qualities which may help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety, and have bronchodilator properties.


Take the energetic vibe of summer to a whole new level with strains rich in Alpha Pinene.



This terpene's spicy, black pepper-like profile can add a bold twist to your summer cannabis experience. Its potential anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties can help manage those after-workout aches or the occasional summer headache.


Caryophyllene-rich strains like GSC (Girl Scout Cookies), Original Glue, or Chemdog are great for adding some zest to your summer days, making them all the more invigorating.


What is Linalool


Summer is also about unwinding, and Linalool, with its calming lavender scent, is the perfect match to impart sedative and calming effects. This terpene is one of the most commonly used essential oils for this very reason.


Its soothing effects can help you cool down after a sun-soaked day on the beach. Linalool-rich strains like Amnesia Haze, Lavender Kush, and LA Confidential offer a fragrant respite that perfectly complements a laid-back summer afternoon.


Best terpenes for fall

Your Personal Guide to Fall Terpene Selection

Marijuana plants offer not just terpene profiles optimal for summer but also strains that make a perfect match for colder seasons. As we begin our transition into the fall, let's take a look at some of the primary terpenes that make a great fit for cooler weather.


When You Should Consider Trying New Terpenes

As summer transitions into the cooler, more reflective season of fall, it's an ideal time to experiment with different cannabis terpenes. The changing season can usher in a desire for new experiences, and your cannabis journey should be no exception.


If you've been enjoying the uplifting effects of Pinene-rich strains like Jack Herer during the active summer months, consider exploring something different. Perhaps a Caryophyllene-rich strain, known for its spicy, warm notes and potential calming effects, could be an intriguing option for cozy fall evenings.


Similarly, if your summer strains no longer seem as vibrant or effective as they once were, it could be an indicator that your palette is ready for a change. The world of cannabis terpenes is rich and diverse, and the arrival of fall might just be the nudge you need to explore it further.


Rather than sticking to your summer preferences of citrusy or floral aromas, consider broadening your horizon with earthy, woody, or spicy notes that complement the autumn season.


How to Choose the Best Terpenes?

Choosing terpenes to compliment the fall should be guided by your personal preference and the unique essence of the season. Are you attracted to the spicy, peppery scent that is reminiscent of fallen leaves?


In that case, Caryophyllene-rich strains like Grape Ape could be a great fit. Or perhaps you gravitate towards a more earthy aroma, for which Humulene-rich strains like Candyland and Super Silver Haze may appeal.


The shift in your daily activities with the changing season should also play a part in your terpene selection. If you're spending a cool, relaxing day indoors, a Myrcene-rich strain might compliment the atmosphere with its soothing effects.


Conversely, for a crisp autumn hike, a Pinene-rich strain can keep your senses sharp with its invigorating aroma. In the end, it's about syncing your cannabis experience with the rhythm of your body, mind, and the season to make the optimal terpene choice for your fall days.


How to pick the best terpenes

Experiencing Terpenes: From Selection to Savoring

Finding a terpene profile that fits your needs is one thing but what is the best way to enjoy a particular strain? Let's find out.


How to Properly Experience Your Chosen Terpenes

Once you've made your selection, the next step is to savor the experience fully. Start by taking a moment to appreciate the unique marijuana smell of your chosen strain.


Does it remind you of fresh pine trees or fragrant citrus groves? Does it have the earthy aroma of a forest after rain, or does it smell sweet and floral? By immersing yourself in the experience, you'll begin to appreciate the role of terpenes in shaping your cannabis experience.


When it comes to consuming cannabis, take it slow. Allow the flavors to swirl in your mouth. Notice how the distinct taste profiles of the terpenes meld with the other flavors. Are they enhancing the overall flavor, or do they stand out on their own?


Observing these nuances can enrich your cannabis experience and deepen your understanding and appreciation of how terpenes interact with other elements in the plant.


Understanding the Effects of Different Terpenes

Understanding the effects of different terpenes can be a game-changer for your cannabis experience. For instance, Myrcene is known for its relaxing properties, often imparting a 'couch-lock', or sedative effect.


On the other hand, Pinene, found in strains like Jack Herer, can have an uplifting, energizing effect. Then there's Limonene, associated with elevated mood and stress relief, making it an excellent choice for those sunny summer days.


Terpenes are also known for their potential health benefits. For instance, both Pinene and Limonene have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties, while Linalool is known for its calming effects. A less common terpene Sabinene produces a very unique peppery, or mint scent along with potential antioxidant properties.


By understanding the effects of different terpenes, you can tailor your cannabis experience to your specific needs and preferences, transforming each session into a personalized therapeutic experience.


Rotating terpenes

Keeping the Excitement Alive: Rotating Terpene Profiles

Just as you might crave different foods or activities depending on your mood, your preference for terpenes can also change. If you find yourself less excited with your current products, it might be a sign to switch things up.


Perhaps the piney aroma of Alpha Pinene that you once loved is not sparking joy anymore. In that case, consider experimenting with a strain high in Caryophyllene, known for its peppery aroma and potential therapeutic properties. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and the world of cannabis terpenes offers plenty of it.


If you're transitioning from relaxed summer days to an active autumn, we suggest trying a strain high in Pinene known for its energizing effects might serve you well. Pay attention to your needs and moods and let them guide your terpene journey.


Welcoming New Flavors with the Fall

Just like you swap out those flip-flops for cozy boots, consider swapping your cannabis strains to match the new vibe of fall. There's a whole world of flavors and scents waiting to be explored in your cannabis.


Maybe it's time to trade those summer citrus notes for something a little spicier or more earthy. Trust us, the cannabis journey never gets boring - it changes with the seasons, just like everything else. So, let's roll into fall together, ready to discover new favorites and make more unforgettable cannabis memories.


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