Can You Vape in the Cold? Top 5 Winter Vaping Tips

With cold temperatures upon us we thought it might be helpful to share our top 5 cold weather vaping tips in order to help you get the very most out of your vaping experience this season.


Nothing will make you turn into Mr. Grinch quicker than struggling to get your vape to function in cold weather. Stay jolly this year and follow these top 5 tips for vaping in cold weather.


Keep your vape charged

Keep Your Vape Battery Topped Off

First and foremost, the best way to get the most out of your favorite vape when the temps drop and the snow falls, is to make sure you keep your device fully charged.  Whether it be a battery or a disposable, maintaining a fully charged battery at all times will make your life easier when dealing with extreme cold weather.


In general, batteries have an uphill battle to climb when working in the cold temperatures. Not only will they not hold a charge nearly as long as they would in warmer weather, but they have to work double-time to keep up. There really is no way around this so your best option is to charge your up device more frequently than you would normally.


Don't leave your vape in the cold

Don’t Leave Your Vape Out in the Cold

Just as important as keeping a fully charged battery, keeping your vape in a warmer environment will also ensure your device is ready to go when you are. Keeping your vape warm with ensure that your vape is ready to go the next time you reach for it. What will wreak havoc on your vaping experience is to make the mistake of leaving your vape out in your cold car.


Not only will the cold weather affect your battery life but, since your vape contains hemp-derived oils or vape juice, it is in your best interest to avoid letting it get too cold.


Vape juice and hemp-derived cannabinoid oils tend to become more viscous, or thicker when they become cold, making it a sure-fire way to lead to clogging and other issues. Your best bet to preserve battery life is to toss your vape into your pocket and take it along with you.


Don't get chapped lips

Don’t Get Chapped, Keep Lip Balm Handy

Cold weather affects not only your vape, but you also. It’s no secret how quickly your lips can become chapped in extreme cold. Vaping can make this issue even worse. Think ahead and prevent frigid temperatures from hindering your vaping experience. 


The best way to avoid this is to take your vaping inside, and when you can’t do that be sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Of course, you should also be applying chap stick or lip balm to avoid getting chapped.


Keep Your Vape Warm & Preheat if Possible

If you do happen to leave your vape outside in your car or if it has become colder than room temperature you should make it a point to use the preheat function if your device has one. Normally you can get away with skipping this step when in a rush but in the case of colder weather you will be far better off starting with a preheat.


In lower temperatures you may even notice that your hits aren’t as strong as they usually are, which may tempt you to exaggerate your pulls or take longer pulls to make up for it. We suggest trying to avoid doing this since this will only result in a dead battery much quicker.


Instead work hard at warming your vape up before use. You would be surprised how well a little body heat can work by simply keeping your vape in your pocket or close to your body.


don't forget your gloves

Don’t Forget Your Mits

This tip isn’t necessarily a requirement, but it definitely can make your winter vaping more enjoyable. Having a nice warm pair of gloves during the winter can prove to be quite helpful. When it comes to vaping outside in extremely cold weather, this can be a life saver.


Another suggestion is to stock up on a few extra pairs of warm gloves and leave them in places where you know you’ll need them because if you are anything like us you are bound to lose a few pairs before the warmer months are back.


Conclusion, Vaping in Cold Weather

At the end of the day vaping in the winter is no big deal but with these Top 5 winter vaping tips your winter vaping will be much easier. So, bundle up and don’t let the cold weather stop you from using your vape.