What is Delta 8 Live Resin?

Over the years people in the cannabis world have been on the lookout for a stronger cannabis concentrate and cannabis extract. Users are no longer satisfied with average run of the mill products they are accustomed to getting. They are starting to look for harder to find more specialized cannabinoids. It seems like each new cannabinoid that pops up on the radar has become even more potent than the last and that is no surprise. As consumer demand continues to increase and awareness of hemp derived cannabinoids goes up, so will the ever-growing population of people who are looking to enjoy them.


One of the very first cannabinoids to take center stage on the hemp market was Delta 8 THC. You are probably already familiar with these hemp products and their many potential recreational and medical uses and benefits. Delta 8 is a milder version of its bigger cousin Delta 9 THC, or standard THC. Delta 8 began to sick out as a major contender among those who preferred a more mellow high with far fewer sedative effects than Delta 9. Another major selling point for many is the fact that Delta 8 THC can be derived from hemp, which opens up an entirely new set of customers who are able to legally access it because of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.


Unfortunately, since Delta 8 THC is found in incredibly low quantities in its natural form in both cannabis and marijuana plants, therefore it must be converted from the more prevalent cannabinoid, CBD. This is why Delta 8 THC concentrates are most commonly used in almost all Delta 8 products on the market across the hemp industry.


Most hemp products on the market utilize a form Delta 8 distillate, however there are some other higher potency options. Introducing Delta 8 live resin. Live resin Delta 8 products are made from fresh frozen compliant material and come in all the same forms you’d expect to see from normal Delta 8. Live resin vape carts, gummies, and live resin disposable vapes are all available. 


If you are new to Delta 8 live resin, check out some of these amazing live resin hemp derived items.


What is resin?

What is resin?

No matter how you choose to enjoy your marijuana or cannabis, the resin is the key to the whole experience. Resin is a coating that looks similar to honey, which coats the buds, giving them their unique sticky texture, aromas, and large concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids. Due to standard extraction methods, a large majority of these wonderful elements can be lost. Live Resin extraction allows to circumvent this issue in order to create top-shelf cannabis products that can take full advantage of the entourage effect.


What is live resin?

Delta 8 live resin is a type of cannabis or hemp concentrate that has been extracted using a specific process in which the terpenes of the cannabis flower are preserved in a way that results in a more flavorful and pleasant aroma. These well-preserved terpenes are also responsible for providing additional benefits as well as being able to work in harmony with one another to promote the entourage effect.


To compare, this process differs from the standard cannabis or hemp extraction method, in which the majority of hemp and cannabis extracts are removing from the already dried and cured hemp flowers. This standard process allows the oxidization of many of these delicate terpenes and as a result reduces the overall potency of the hemp.


Live resin extraction is becoming more common place. It is no longer reserved for just the cannabis connoisseur, but it is now being used among many adult use cannabis users. This is supported by the expanding selection and variety of Delta 8 live resin product offerings that are available for sale online.


How is live resin produced?

The process used to create Delta 8 live resin is very different than the processes used to create standard Delta 8 THC. These differences start from the very beginning of processing. Some may even consider live resin to be the best extraction method because of some of the inherent benefits in the final product.


How is Delta 8 live resin made?

Manufacturing live resin

Live resin production first begins with flash freezing the cannabis plant prior to extraction in contrast to the standard method where the extraction process begins after drying and trimming the cannabis plant. Hemp farms then take this fresh frozen hemp flower and process it within an hour after being frozen. Because of this low heat process, it is much more gently on the trichomes and allows for each terpene to be fully preserved. The result is a resin that is far more potent with far more powerful aromas and incredibly potent flavors.

Quality materials

Live Resin Delta 8 captures the cannabis plant as it was intended to be experienced. All of the minor subtleties of that particular harvest are present resulting in a product that is full of even the most fragile of compounds. Many of which are lost in regular full-spectrum product. The higher quality of the raw USA grown hemp materials are, the even higher quality the final product will be. Live resin allows you to enjoy a delicious cannabis taste that you often times don’t experience with a majority of hemp products.


What is the benefit of the presence of terpenes in live resin?

Role of terpenes in live resin

The addition of live resin terpenes to hemp derived delta 8 distillate results in one of the most potent ways to enjoy Delta 8. The flavor profile and potency from these terpenes offers a unique experience which can be specifically paired with the Delta 8 to replicate the flavors, memorable flower smell, and effects of some of the most popular adult-use cannabis strains like pineapple express or gorilla glue. Best yet, you can buy Delta 8 live resin online.


Characteristics of live resin

The live resin extraction process will result in Delta 8 THC that contains higher levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. These differences show through and are apparent in the final product. These notable differences in experience come across as an enhancement in flavor profile along with a bolder aroma. You may wonder how standard Delta 8 products compare to Delta 8 live resin products. Here are a few key differences.


How does live resin compare?


Live resin carts vs normal carts

Live resin carts are one of the most popular types of vape cartridges. Often times many users start off with using a disposable vape pen and then graduate to vape cartridges. Depending on the vape battery you choose to use, you will often times get further control such as the ability to control your heat settings and pre-heat function. 


Standard Delta 8 carts are no doubt very popular and are a great option for many. For those who are looking for something more robust in flavor or are simply looking for absolute top-notch aromas and effects, live resin carts are for you. While vapor from standard vape carts do not tend to linger or leave behind a notable aroma, you will find that with Delta 8 live resin carts will give off a strong odor, much like very potent bud would. 


Live resin gummies vs standard Delta 8 gummies

You can expect Delta 8 live resin gummies to have far more cannabis like flavoring when compared to normal Delta 8 gummies or edibles. Some far prefer this true to cannabis flavor where others favor the standard Delta 8 options. Smell is a bit less of a factor as it is with vapes, but the potency will still be noticeably stronger with live resin gummies.


What is Delta 8 live resin?

What are the benefits of live resin?

Flavor, smell, potency, and cannabinoid and terpene content are just some of the main benefits you will find in Delta 8 live resin that you will not find in standard Delta 8 THC. 


Enhanced effects

Due to the fact that many terpenes do not succumb to the oxidation process that they are typically subjected to with the standard processing methods, the terpenes in live resin are stronger. Each of their individual effects are enhanced and effects are even further heighted since each of these hemp terpenes are able to work together in unison, making live resin Delta 8 products far more effective for both therapeutic and medical benefits.


Overall potency

Regardless of the benefits of the entourage effect, Delta 8 live resin is widely known to be far more potent than when compared to Delta 8 that has been extracted with standard processes. Live Resin cannabis products typically contain a minimum of 50% Delta 8 THC, with some of the concentrates containing upwards of 90% or higher D8 THC. Keep in mind, if you are looking for the upmost potent high, Delta 9 THC or Delta 9 THC-O may be a better option for you.


Outstanding flavor & aroma

Until you’ve had a chance to try Delta 8 live resin it’s truly hard to put the difference into words. The cannabis plant is full of flavors and bold aromas that are just not present when cannabis is extracted any other way than when using the live resin process. Live resin unlocks a whole new sensory experience.  



Live resin product availability can be widely found being sold online and with even more product offerings being introduced there is no shortage of high-quality Delta 8 live resin. You really do owe it to yourself to give live resin a try.


Delta 8 Live resin product types

There are two most common Delta 8 live resin product types are gummies and vapes, with other such as live resin dabs continuing to gain in popularity. Delta 8 live resin gummies are becoming much more available, with most major hemp brands offering at least a handful of options. Some will find that they not only prefer these live resin gummies for the enhanced effect but the true to cannabis taste that they offer.


Another widely popular product type is Delta 8 live resin vape carts and disposables. These are yet another convenient way to consume many other hemp derived cannabinoids.


Live resin dosage

Like all Delta 8 products, we suggest starting off with a very small dosage and giving yourself ample time to assess how you feel before taking more. This is especially important with live resin because of its ultra-high potency. You are always better off being cautious at first to avoid any uncomfortable or unwanted side effects.


In general, live resin gummies and edibles will take longer to kick in and will stay in your system longer. Live resin vapes usually kick in much quicker with effects wearing off faster. 


Where is Delta 8 live resin legal?

Live resin products are legal anywhere Delta 8 THC is legal. The live resin component of Delta 8 live resin simply refers to the extraction process used during the extraction of the hemp plant. Currently federal law states that all hemp derived CBD and hemp products are legal. On the state level, Delta 8 THC is legal in 31 states and 5 states that have imposed various restrictions on its use or sale.


Where can I find live resin Delta 8 THC?

Where can I find hemp derived live resin?

Live resin can be found locally, and it can easily be found being sold online at affordable prices. Since you’re state and local restrictions will vary based on the state you live it, you may not be able to purchase Delta 8 live resin, but the live resin extraction process can also be applied to Delta 9 THC, which may be available to you even in Delta 8 is not.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Does Delta 8 live resin hit harder?

Generally, the answer to that is yes. Because of the extraction process used, live resin carts and gummies will provide a stronger hitting effects than that of the standard delta 8 products you are used to.


What is live resin Delta 8 THC extraction?

The live resin extraction process is used by some cannabis and hemp manufactures to produce a Delta 8 THC product that is ultra-potent and full of flavorful aromas. The process begins with flash freezing the cannabis plant prior to starting the extraction process. The freezing of the cannabis results in the terpene remaining intact which then allows the full flavor, aromas, and full potency to carry over into the final product.


What is the difference between Delta 8 live resin and distillate?

Delta 8 live resin carts and edibles are significantly more robust in their flavor, aroma, and potency. You will often times notice that the difference in smell alone between the two is very different. Many notice very true-to-cannabis flavors with Delta 8 live resin products.


Where can I buy Delta 8 live resin gummies?

Everyday Delta has Delta 8 and Delta 9 live resin gummies available form a variety of top tier companies. You can browse our selection here.



It’s just a fact, live resin tastes and smells better. On top of that, it is just more effective. You will find that it will be hard to look back once you’ve had a chance to experience the true differences that set live resin apart from standard THC products.


Like many things in the hemp and cannabis market, innovations and new product offerings continue to lead the way. This paired with the fact that as more reputable brands enter the market, it takes more for them to stand out in the crowd amongst the noise. Increased demand for hemp derived Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC products only fuels this innovation further.


We expect to continue to see live resin become more of a mainstay offering from many especially as more people have a chance to try and experience it’s benefits firsthand. If you are ready to see what all the hype is about, check out our full selection of live resin products. All of which have been third party lab tested to ensure they are Farm Bill compliant and are of the upmost safety. You won’t be sorry you did.