Will Delta-8 THC Get You High: Read before Trying It

There can be some confusion surrounding the topic of Delta 8 THC, and it's not surprising that the question "Will Delta 8 get you high? gets asked quite often. Many are already familiar with the terms THC and cannabis, but what exactly is Delta 8?


THC is the main psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant that gets you high, and since Delta 8 is a form of THC, it would only make sense to wonder if Delta 8 will get you high too.


The answer is yes, Delta 8 THC will in fact get you high, although the high is slightly different from that of traditional THC products. Most people experience a mild high, with euphoric feelings and body relaxation but with a less intense buzz.


Some users may even feel Delta 8's initial effects come on a little stronger than traditional THC at first but then eventually taper off, shifting into a more comfortable or mellow feeling.


What is Delta 8?

If you've ever found yourself wondering "What is Delta-8 THC?", then you're in the right place. All of your questions will be answered here. But it is first important to understand that there are multiple forms of THC, all of which are responsible for producing the psychoactive effects or "high" that people think of when they hear the word THC.


The most common form of THC is Delta 9 THC, the most prevalent THC found in marijuana. Both marijuana and hemp come from cannabis plants, but what defines cannabis as hemp is the fact that is has a Delta 9 THC content of less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. This determination is what makes Delta 8 legal by federal law even though several states have decided to ban it at the state level.


Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid, or chemical substance found in the cannabis plant and can be extracted from hemp. In fact, since Delta 8 THC is found in such small quantities in the hemp plant, it is often converted from other compounds like CBD. It was first discovered in 1941 by Roger Adams who conducted the initial research and was successfully at possessing the first pure Delta 8 THC compound.


Since then, it has been readily available on the market, available to purchase, and enjoy by many consumers. Since its introduction to the market, its popularity has continued to rise within the hemp industry, with more and more people learning about it every day. 


The main difference in Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC is that Delta 8 has a lower psychotropic potency, and they act in slightly different ways. When compared to full spectrum CBD or other CBD products, Delta 8 is a middle ground, falling between CBD oil and Delta 9 THC.


More research is needed at this point but many users report experiencing all the potential therapeutic and health benefits of non-psychoactive products like CBD, but without all of the negative side effects that can come with Delta 9 THC. This makes Delta 8 particularly popular for those who are prone to anxiousness, paranoia, or anxiety.


how high can you get from delta 8

How High Can you get from Delta-8

You definitely can get high from Delta 8 THC. In general, you can expect a milder high from hemp products like Delta 8 THC compared to Delta 9 THC. Users report an intense high from Delta 9 THC, whereas Delta 8 THC users report a more relaxed, manageable high. Because of this lower potency, users also report experiencing less adverse effects that are most often associated with Delta 9.


Some would compare the high you get from Delta 8 to that of the drinking a glass or two of wine, where the high you get from Delta 9 is more like getting trashed. Delta 8 could be compared to a lower dose of marijuana although some can experience their thinking to be sharper and clearer after using Delta 8. 


The reason that Delta 8 is less potent than other cannabinoids is because it's lower affinity to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which makes it less psychoactive than other cannabinoids. Even though this is true, there are some very potent Delta 8 products on the market.


Even though Delta 8 is less potent than Delta 9 THC and other cannabinoids a seasoned cannabis user can absolutely still get high. This also makes it a great option for those primarily seeking the potential health benefits such as its ability to relieve stress, anxiety, or for those looking for pain relief.


What determines how high you can get from Delta 8 is the amount that you take. In large enough doses, Delta 8 THC can get most pretty high so long as you consume enough.


How long does it take for delta 8 to get you high

How Long to feel the effects delta 8

Everyone's body reacts differently to Delta 8 and other THC products. The amount of time it will take to feel its effects are based on a number of factors, which will be different for everyone.


Those factors include an individual's usage history, dosage, body composition, and consumption method. You can expect to feel the effects anywhere from as soon as 10 - 15 minutes to all the way up to an hour later.


Of all the factors listed above, the biggest factor impacting how fast you will feel the high from a psychoactive substance like Delta 8 is the method of consumption you choose.


Most will feel the onset of effects when consuming edibles much slower than when using disposable vapes or vape cartridges. Effects from more concentrated consumption methods such as dabbing will kick in almost immediately.


Different ways to consume delta 8 thcWays to consume delta 8 

There are quite a few different ways to consume Delta 8 THC products. There are certainly some reasons why someone would choose one method over another. Sometimes it comes down to connivence, other times it simply comes down to personal preference.


No matter which consumption method you choose, you are better off giving a few different methods a try and then determining which is best for you and your lifestyle.


Remember that, since Delta 8 is federally legal, you can enjoy any of these methods without worry, so long as your local or state laws on Delta 8 and hemp do not conflict with federal law.


However, keep in mind that some methods we will cover will generate less attention than others. Depending on where you live, don't be surprised if you get stopped walking down the sidewalk smoking a pre-roll.



  • Edibles are very popular and make a great option for anyone just dipping their toes into trying Delta 8 for the first time. Gummies can be just as good an option for experienced users as well. 


  • Taste is one of the first factors that make many gravitate towards using Delta 8 edibles. Nothing is better than drifting off in a euphoric relaxation to wrap up a stressful day than having something that tastes equally as good to get you there.


  • No matter what dosage of Delta 8 you a looking for, Delta 8 gummies are offered in many different strengths. You can find them anywhere from 5mg per gummy all the way up to over 100mg per gummy. Regardless of the strength you choose you always have the options to cut them into evenly dosed pieces, making it easy to get exactly the dosage you are looking for.


  • Delta 8 gummies are also very discreet, there is nothing about a gummy that indicates they contain anything related to THC, which makes them a great option for those looking to enjoy THC products under the radar.



  • Another way to consume Delta 8 THC that has become very popular is vaping. Vaping has become so popular that most products like these can be found and are available for purchase in many local convenience stores and gas stations.


  • Vaping is an ideal product to try for your first time because of the fast acting and euphoric effects.


  • Some individuals or other consumers who have certain health concerns such as respiratory issues, may be better off opting for other methods to enjoy their Delta 8 THC products.


  • Those who do choose to vape Delta 8 THC should be conscious of only purchasing vapes from reputable brands in the industry in order to avoid any potential chemicals or other by products from making their way into their final product.


  • As for vaping safety, be sure to only purchase Delta 8 THC vapes from trusted sources like Everyday Delta. We only carry high quality, top tier brand, all of which provide full panel third party testing showing that their vape cartridges and oils do not contain any harmful chemicals or by products.



  • Another very popular way to consume Delta 8 THC is to smoke it. That's right Delta 8 flower is another option if you prefer to smoke. You can choose to smoke Delta 8 THC products in the form of flower, pre-rolls, or dabs.


  • Most Delta 8 flower is made through a multi-step process of infusion. Hemp flower is first selected, and then multiple coats of Delta 8 distillate is applied to it. There are often times multiple coats added to enhance the psychoactive effects of the flower. 


  • Flower can be used in a variety of ways no different than how marijuana is smoked, whether that be in a bong, pipe, etc.


  • These forms will usually require you to have certain accessories in order to use them. The exception to this would be pre-rolls. Pre rolls are convenient ways to smoke Delta 8 THC flower since it already comes prepared for you ready to go.



  • Tinctures are definitely another great option to consume both CBD isolate oils, Delta 8 THC, and many other hemp derived cannabinoids.


  • These forms are great for those looking to dial in a very accurate dose, since a dropper will be the most precise way to measure your desired dosage.


  • This method is especially great for those consumers looking to try micro dosing their THC products, where very small amounts are required daily on a daily basis.


  • These usually taste great, are convenient, and can easily be mixed with your favorite beverage if desired.



Effects of delta 8 based on different users

Everyone, regardless of their experience with cannabis or other cannabinoids can expect similar side effects when using Delta 8. Adverse effects will consist of dry mouth, red eyes, increased appetite, and potential for reducing anxiety (in moderate to low doses).


One of the key differences between new users and experienced users is that the dosage required to get the desired effect will most likely differ greatly. Either way, it is still best for all to start off with a lower dosage. Those who have used cannabis or other cannabinoids in the past will likely require a much higher dosage than someone new to the compound. 


First time delta 8 users

  • For anyone trying Delta 8 THC for the first time it is important to start out with a very low dose. This is especially important for anyone who has zero or little experience with cannabis or other THC products. Starting out slow at a low dose will ensure that your first-time experience is a positive one.


  • Starting out with too high of a dosage is the most common mistake. Taking too much, too quickly is a sure-fire way to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.


  • Because your surroundings can make an impact your experience, we suggest to first try Delta 8 in a controlled environment, which will keep outside distractions away and help you avoid any unpleasant sensations, which could cause unwanted anxiety or paranoia. It is also a good idea to avoid going it alone. Having a friend with you can be helpful.


  • Another common mistake among new users is only trying one type of Delta 8 THC product and then assuming that the experience will be the same across all types of products. That is simply not the case, your experiences will vary from the different consumption methods due to differences in absorbability and potency.


  • New users should avoid using multiple different consumption methods at the same time when starting out. We instead suggest starting out with only one product type at a time. You will find that the largest gap in potency of products is between edibles and the rest of the products like vapes, vape carts, tinctures, and others.


  • Vape products are ideal products to start with because of their fast acting and uplifting effects. From there you can try edible and tinctures in order to experience the full range of Delta 8 THC products effects.


 Experienced Delta 8 Users

  • For those not new to cannabis products or even hemp derived THC products, Delta 8 THC can still be enjoyed and often times preferred. Similar effects can be expected as traditional THC but again, will a much less potent high.


  • Experienced THC users should not expect Delta 8 to give them the same type of high they experience with Delta 9 but instead expect effects that are unique to Delta 8. When a less sedative effect is desired and instead a euphoria and tranquility are preferred, Delta 8 may be the better choice.


  • No different than a new user, experienced users should start off with small dosages at first. Once a baseline has been assessed seasoned users can start to experiment with multiple different products at once, or even mixing multiple cannabinoids together at the same time.


  • Experienced users may be surprised to find that an edible dosage around 50mg - 100mg may even offer them a more energized experience which would typically have them stuck in the couch when compared to a 50mg Delta 9 edible. 


  • If you are someone who simply gets way too high from traditional THC but want all of its many benefits, Delta 8 could be the solution for you.


How long do the effects of delta 8 last 

How long the Delta 8 high will last

Typically, Delta 8 will produce effects lasting anywhere from 1 - 4 hours and sometimes up to 6 hours. This timeframe is really dependent on the consumption method you choose and the amount that you take. If you are looking for the longest effects possible then edibles are surely the best option for you. When quick acting and shorter lasting effects are what you're looking for then Delta 8 vapes cartridge, disposables, tinctures, and flower be your best choice.



As you can see both cannabinoids, Delta 8 and Delta 9 are similar in many ways. They are almost identical structurally with only a difference in location of the double bond from their molecular chain. That Double bond is located at the 8th atom in Delta 8, and it is located at the 9th atom in Delta 9.


This makes both of these THC molecules, which both come from the cannabis sativa plant, to act both similar in many ways and slightly different in others. They both have hazy legality at best, making them both considered controlled substances depending on federal and local laws.


Regardless of their grey legal status, the entire industry and consumers alike, have embraced Delta 8 THC products. As society continues to increase its acceptance of cannabis as a whole, we don't expect to see these products disappear anytime soon. In fact, Delta 8 has, in a way, started to pave the way for new hemp derived THC products.


Lastly, even though the high you get from Delta 8 THC products is different than the high that you get from Delta 9 THC. It is a pleasant experience, an experience that you may find yourself preferring to standard Delta 9 THC.