How to Reset Your Delta 8 Tolerance

Unfortunately, all great things don’t last forever, at least we’re pretty sure that’s how the saying goes. That tends to be true with Delta 8 tolerances too. An overabundance of use or even consistent use over time can result in you finding yourself having to take more and more Delta 8 to get the same effects that you were getting with a fraction of the amount.


This is of course due to the fact that you are and will build a tolerance to cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 9, and HHC over time. Now, how fast that happens really depends on a lot of factors. How often are you using it, how much are you taking, and how consistently you are taking it?


When you do find yourself having built a tolerance you are plagued with the questions “How do I reset my Delta 8 tolerance?” or “Why isn’t Delta 8 working for me anymore?” This can be quite a dilemma for some that have come to rely on Delta 8 or HHC.


We know it can be hard, this will require a certain level of self-discipline to stick to it. Think of it as an exciting time, knowing that once you take your first hit after your break the effects will be worth the wait.



Why do you build a tolerance to Delta 8?

Chemically, what is happening when you start building a tolerance is that your body’s receptors, in this case CB1 and CB2 receptors, are being saturated repeatedly each time you take Delta 8. Now, over time, the same stimulus happening repeatedly starts to desensitize your receptor sites. When that happens more and more of the compound is required to create the same effect.



How do you reset your Delta 8 Tolerance?

This is the whole reason you are even reading this in the first place. What can you do? You love the effects of Delta 8 and can’t imagine yourself going without. Well, you’re in luck, there are some things that you can do to reset your Delta 8 tolerance and as a bonus we are going to go over some tips on ways you can prolong how fast you start to build a tolerance again. With some proper planning and a will to overcome, you’ll be back to taking a small amount of Delta 8 in no time.


Top Ways to Reset Your Delta 8 Tolerance


Stop Taking Delta 8

This probably isn’t the answer you were hoping for but the best way to reset your tolerance to Delta 8 is to total quit taking all forms of Delta 8 altogether for a short period of time. Most tolerance breaks last anywhere from a few days all the way up to a full month. Yet, there are a few other strategies that can be effective at slowing the buildup of tolerance.


Practice Moderation

If at all possible, one of the best ways to slow the buildup of a tolerance is to limit the amount and frequency of your Delta 8 use. You can achieve this effect by using only the minimum amount to get you the desired effect you’re looking for. Any additional amounts beyond that will simply speed up how quickly your build a tolerance.


Intermittent Use

Intermittent use can also help slow the buildup of tolerance by way of spreading out your use to certain days and skipping use on select days. Some users accomplish this by only using Delta 8 on weekends, or even sticking to use during the week and taking the weekend off.


Rotate Cannabinoids

That’s right, one method that some users have seen success with is to rotate between multiple different cannabinoids. For example, if you are regularly using Delta 8, you would switch to using HHC. This method has been reported to help aid in prolonging how quickly you may build a tolerance to certain compounds all while allowing you to continue seeing the benefits of each. The upside being that you don’t have to go without getting the benefits like you would in the previously mentioned methods.




Do I Have to Take a Tolerance Break?

Although tolerance breaks are not necessarily required, the benefits will outweigh the alternative. In theory, you could continue increasing your Delta 8 dosage over time without any ill effects. Even though this is the case, you wouldn’t appreciate the toll this takes on your wallet. Taking a t-break isn’t hard and it’s totally free!



How long do you take a Delta 8 tolerance Break?

As tough as it may be, the best way to fully reset your tolerance is to fully abstain from using Delta 8. The longer you avoid use, the more fully reset you will find yourself when you start using again. Most will find that a week works great.



Do I need to take less Delta 8 after a tolerance break?

Yes, this is the whole point of taking a tolerance break. You will want to be mindful of the amounts you take when starting back up. Most will find that a much smaller amount will be needed after completing their break. You are better off starting small and assessing your new tolerance post-break. This will be helpful, not only on your wallet but also prevent any unwanted side effects that can come from taking too much Delta 8.


Click here for some tips in the event that you’ve taken too much Delta 8.


How Often Do You Need to Take a Tolerance Break?

This varies from person to person. Eventually, Delta 8 will have seemed to have lost its potency. Once this happens you will know how often you'll need to be taking your tolerance breaks. You could also plan your tolerance breaks out in advance once you know how quickly your tolerance builds up after a break.


Conclusion: Delta 8 Tolerance Break

Taking a break is a good idea for anyone who frequently consumes Delta 8 or HHC. This gives your body time to reset and re-sensitize to Delta 8. You will know it’s time for a break when the amounts you consume are starting to feel like a lower potency. This signals it is time for a t-break.


Remember, it isn’t hard to do and will most certainly pay off in the end.