Best Ways to Store Delta 8

You probably haven't put too much thought into how you're going to store your Delta 8 vapes, edibles, and tinctures but it's an important thing to consider. Even though Delta 8’s shelf life seems to be longer than Delta 9’s, we still want you to get the most out of your products. Every product should have its own expiration date and, if you store them properly, could last up to two years!

Let's look at some tips on how to properly store your favorite Delta 8, Delta 9, THC-O, or HHC products to keep them staying fresh for longer. 


A Few Tips for Storing your Delta 8 and HHC




Store in a cool, dark place

This goes for all products, while you are not using them keep your products in a cool, dark place. The best place would be a drawer (not next to the oven) or even in the fridge. No matter where you decide to store it, you want to keep it away from bright lights and hot temperatures. 

This is especially important for gummies or edibles, storing them properly will help to maintain their potency and freshness. . 


Avoid humid and moist environments

This can make a huge difference to your hemp products shelf life. Don't leave your Delta 8 or HHC in the hot car, or next to the oven while cooking. Overall try to avoid these hot, humid places. 


Keep products in an airtight container

Delta 8 doesn't oxidize the same way as Delta 9 but at the end of the day cannabis products do oxidize. Making sure that you keep products in an airtight container is key to extending their freshness and potency. 



What happens if you don't store your hemp products correctly? 

If you fail to store your hemp products properly, they may no longer carry the same effects. Proper storage will also help to maintain your products flavor.

Most importantly, If you want to get the desired effects every time, you will need to keep the products away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, bright lights, and moisture.



Storing Delta 8 Carts & Vapes:

Do Delta-8 carts expire? Yeah, they do. Even though they have a far longer shelf life due to their resilience to oxidation, they can still spoil. Thankfully, Delta 8 carts can typically last up to two years after the manufacturing date.

How you store your D8 carts determines your vaping experience, improper storage can cause your vape to clog. The position you store your carts also matters, among other factors. When storing Delta 8 cartridges, keep them stores vertically and at room temperature, this will help to avoid clogging. If you are unlucky enough to end up with a clogged vape, here are some help tips to get you unclogged and back to vaping. 



Storing Delta 8 or HHC Gummies & Edibles:

Like we said above, keep your products in a sealed container. This will allow less oxygen and heat to penetrate the product, making it last longer.

One of the best places to store gummies or edibles is in the fridge, this helps keep their potency and freshness, not to mention, will prevent them from melting from warmer temperatures. If you choose not to store them in the fridge then we recommend a cool, dark place located at room temperature. 

What if your edibles do melt?
This is not uncommon, this can also happen while your delta 8 edibles are in on their way to you if you’ve ordered them online. Don’t panic, they are almost always salvageable, if your edibles arrive melted into a big giant block, here are some steps to follow:


1. place the entire product into the refrigerator, leaving to sit for at least 3-4 hours  


2. Remove edibles from the refrigerator and then remove your edibles from their packaging  


3. Now, with a sharp kitchen knife, you will start cutting into small equal pieces. Keep in mind, you will ideally want to cut this melted block of Delta 8 gummies into the same number of pieces that originally were to have come in your package. Doing this keeps the milligrams per piece the same as intended. Cutting into fewer pieces will result in a much higher doses per gummy. 


Storing Delta 8 Tinctures:

Delta 8 Tinctures have a longer shelf life than most Delta 8 products, but they don't last forever so storing them properly is still important to help increase the shelf life.  

Most tinctures are packaged in a darker colored glass bottle; this is to help minimize light exposure. It's vital to minimize light exposure, heat, and moisture. Quick tip, you can also freeze tinctures to maximize their shelf life.  



What happens if I take expired Delta 8?

You took some Delta 8 and didn't realize it was expired. Now what? Well luckily taking expired Delta 8 won't hit you like expired dairy products! 

Technically it is not ‘bad’, when Delta 8 expires, the main thing that changes is the potency and effects of the product. The affects you typically feel when using Delta 8 may not be the same if it is expired. Again, avoid this by using proper storage techniques. 

As you can see, with a little effort on your part you can protect the potency, shelf life, and flavor of you Delta 8 and HHC products with these few simple tips. If you haven't yet tried Delta 8 or HHC here are some great options to start with.