How to Cure a Weed Hangover

Weed hangovers… they can catch you by surprise!


We all know when you drink too much alcohol, you're most likely going to have a hangover the next morning. Well, what if we told you that weed hangovers are a thing. A marijuana hangover is most common, but delta 8 hangovers may happen depending on your tolerance and consumption method.


There is little research over weed hangovers, most studies have had far too few subjects to complete a full study. With little research on the subject, it is hard to give exact results, it's impossible to say if you will be hungover from the consumption of weed you took or not. Most users who have experienced this say that it is because they used too much THC.


No worries, we want you to have a great cannabis experience so let's dive into what a weed hangover is and how to help cure it so you can enjoy the day after your sesh.


What is a Weed Hangover?

A weed hangover is no different than the aftereffects of substances like alcohol. It's the negative influence that cannabinoids have on your body after consumption. But don't worry, an alcohol hangover is way more severe than a weed hangover.


This may follow after over consumption and may not happen every time. The only way to make sure you are staying within your limits of comfort is to start out low and assess how you are feeling before increasing your dosage.


A few symptoms of a hangover caused by alcohol are:


  • Dehydration
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Increased anxiety
  • Muscle shakes
  • Severe headache


Since cannabinoids interact directly with your brain, most users have reported the day-aftereffects of a heavy night of smoking or over doing it on edibles as:


  • Feeling unsteady
  • Brian Fog
  • Memory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Cottonmouth
  • Red eyes
  • Nausea


This happens most commonly with delta 9 THC since it’s the cannabinoid that produces the strongest effect, but some users with lower tolerances have even reported instances of weed hangovers after consuming large amounts of delta 8.


What Causes a Weed Hangover?

Let's look at what could cause a weed hangover, so you avoid running into this problem.



Many users who experience a cannabis hangover do report that they used more THC than usual. This happens more so with edibles because the amount of time it takes an edible to fully get into your system is way longer than other methods. Since it takes longer for an edible to kick in, you may find yourself being impatient and consuming more before the first dosage takes effect.


Remember to start out with a lower dose and increase as needed.


Dehydration Before Using THC

If you are dehydrated before consuming Delta 8, you may be more likely to have the aftereffects the next morning. Make sure you stay hydrated so your body can properly flush out the THC the next morning.


We suggest lots of water and an electrolyte drink, such as coconut water, before using Delta 8 or any other THC.


Combining other substances

Combining other substances with THC can worsen the aftereffects of THC. You may feel worse the next day if you combine alcohol and weed. You might feel the horrible hangover from the alcohol and feel like grogginess from the weed hangover. Make sure you avoid other substances to avoid a gnarly hangover.


How Long Does a Weed Hangover last?

Let's start with how long a weed hangover lasts then we will touch on how to get rid of it.


Immediate effects of cannabis can typically last from one to four hours, this will all depend on the dose, potency, delivery method, your tolerance, and metabolism.


If you feel effects from THC, go to sleep and they still appear the next morning. These adverse effects should resolve within 24 hours of your high, this number may vary. Drink plenty of hydrating fluids and get some rest and you should be feeling yourself in no time. Now let's get into how to fully cure a weed hangover.


How to Cure a Weed Hangover

If you want to continue to enjoy your favorite cannabinoids and not have a miserable day the next day, follow these tips.


Sleep it off

This is typically the best one to do since weed hangovers may make you feel groggy and tired. Let time take its course and if you have no plans, take a nap and rest. This will allow your body to process the THC without you feeling any of the effects.


Stay Hydrated

It's very important to, not only stay hydrated before using THC, but also stay hydrated after using THC. Staying hydrated before and after can have a huge impact on how you will feel the next day.


If water is not doing the trick, try coconut water or a sports drink (with light sugar) to help keep you feeling hydrated.


Light Exercise

No one expects you to go to the gym and have a full leg day but doing some physical activity to get your blood flowing may help. A walk outside may help with the brain fog by opening your lungs up and providing fresh oxygen.


Yoga, or meditation can help ease the stress and help get your mind back into a clear state. Focus on deep breaths



If you can't shake the tiredness, try some coffee or a low caffeine tea to help wake you up. If you do this step don't forget to continue sipping on a drink that is hydrating since caffeine can dehydrate you.


Eat a Healthy Meal

Hangovers of any kind will have various effects on individuals depending on a lot of factors but one of the most important factors includes overall health. The healthier you are, the easier it is for your body to metabolize any substance you put into it, making the next day’s hangovers not as bad.


Make sure you are eating enough healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to properly fuel your body the next day. Make a meal that will not only satisfy the hangover but will also help you feel healthier and overall, better the next day.



There are indications that CBD may help with a weed hangover, but there is no scientific evidence on this yet. Grab your favorite CBD gummies and try to see if it helps ease the weed hangover.


Self-Care Day

If you have tried all of the above and nothing seems to be kicking this weed hangover, then take the day as a self-care day. Take a shower or bath, lay in bed, binge watch your favorite TV shows, and relax. Remember this shouldn't last longer than 24 hours so enjoy the day to yourself (if you can) and have a self-care day.


Where to Buy High Quality Delta 8 and HHC

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