What to Look for When Choosing a Delta 8 Brand

With so many brands and many more popping up every day, narrowing down your options can be daunting. Now, finding a favorite, that’s even harder. Outside of trying them all we will take a look at some important considerations to think of when narrowing down and choosing your favorite Delta 8 brand. Hopefully this helps you in finding your favorite Delta 8 brand.



First and foremost, our number one factor in choosing a Delta 8 brand is transparency. The ingredients, quality, and source are all essential in finding a great product that will not only work as intended but ensure that safety is not compromised. Transparency is the first step in this, without a company’s transparency you will have no idea what you are getting. A great company will not be shy away from publishing this information, which shows you that they have nothing to hide.


Delta 8 Quality  Quality

Quality can be defined by the standard of something as measured against other things of similar kind, the degree of excellence of something. Keeping this in mind, that may be hard for someone to judge if you are new to Delta 8 or have not experience many other brands or products. Everyday Delta has taken our experience to narrow down the vast selection of brands and products and is committed to only offering the absolute best quality Delta 8 brands. You can trust that we have vetted each brand that we offer to make your life easier. 



Not all companies are equal. This can be said about the potency of a brands products too. Brands that skimp on potency in an effort to maximize profits are not only brands we would suggest passing on but are going to be products that are sub-par at best. No one is looking for a less than superior product. Once again, if a company is proud of the potency of their products, they will have their lab tests (COA's) listed for all to see. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. 


Hemp derived delta 8 thc

Hemp Source

All Delta 8 products are required to be hemp derived (made from industrial hemp) in order to be considered legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Industrial hemp is defined by containing no more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis. Knowing that your products meet this requirement is the difference between being legal to possess and consume or not.



It’s great to find a product that you absolutely love. Often times, that’s a motivation to try other products that a particular brand offers. More often than not, if they make one product that you enjoy, you will enjoy their other offerings. When a brand has a good selection of products it shows they are committed to their customers and are striving to create new and innovative offerings. If a company has high quality, potency, and sourcing standards for one product they most likely apply those practices to their entire line. Making your life easier, not having to search out and research an entirely new brand when you are on the hunt for a new product to try.   



Whether it is pushing the boundaries through a diverse offering of strains or creating a variety of dosing options to fit everyone needs. Innovation is a key ingredient for all great Delta 8 brands. A company’s commitment to innovation shows their commitment to you, the consumer. It takes time and resources to be innovative and you can rest assured that a company just in it for the money would happily skip this step just to maximize profits. When you see a brand innovating the hemp space you can bet, they are here for the long haul and are motivated by the right reasons and their products will reflect that.


 Delta 8, Delta 9 THC, HHC, THC-O Lab Testing Certificate of Analysis

Third Party Lab Testing

Lab test or COA’s are lab tests the confirm the potency and purity of a specific product. These lab tests are almost like a report card for that product. They shed light into the details of a product highlighting the important information such as its potency, purity, and dosages. These lab tests also prove the products compliance to federal laws, indicating its legality.


Let’s face it, looking at a lab test or COA (Certificate of Analysis) may be confusing for some. Here we take a look at how to read a Delta 8 lab test. 



A large majority us base our purchasing decision on product reviews, and why wouldn’t we? Getting a glimpse into the experiences of others is a fantastic way to determine what you can expect to experience. Granted, we are all different and have different perspectives and preferences, but reviews can guide you. Look for a brand that has, not only a large quantity of reviews, but ones that have frequent and consistent positive reviews. When looking at any negative reviews bear in mind what the main complaint is of the customer and make a determination if that is relevant to you and what you are looking for. Look for trends, if a consistent issue is reported across multiple reviews, you may want to consider that you may likely have the same experience.



Lastly, a brands integrity is key. You usually tell when a company is just in it for the money. Top quality brands will check all the boxes we touched on above. They will be transparent by disclosing everything from quality, potency, and sourcing. They will have third party lab tests available and posted for every product that they offer. These top companies will also be innovative in their space showing they are passionate about the hemp industry as a whole. When you find a company that fits all of these factors, you can shop confidently knowing you can trust the brand.



Everyday Delta has taken a lot of the work out of the search for you by only offering brands and products from premium brands that offer top quality product, from 100% hemp derived sources. Check out our large selection of high-quality Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, and THC-O products from brands like Moonwlkr, Delta Munchies, and 3Chi today. We are constantly adding new brands and products that you can trust.