How To Unclog a Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Enjoying Delta 8, Delta 11, or HHC In the form of a disposable vape is super convenient and hassle free… most of the time anyway. Except when you go to take a hit, but nothing happens, that’s when headaches and frustration can begin. A clogged vape or vape cartridge can put a real damper on your experience, it can affect how long Delta 8 stays in your system, and overall, lowers the effectiveness of the product.


You’re in luck though, if you find yourself in this situation, we have a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to unclog most disposable vapes, and you can get back to enjoying your vape like you should.


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Why is my Delta 8 vape clogged?

Why is my Delta 8 Vape Clogged?

Let’s first look at some of the reasons why your disposable vape may become clogged in the first place. The most common reasons are:


Heavy/Frequent Use

The inside of a vape cartridge or disposable vape has tiny holes, or pores. These holes are what can easily get clogged with regular use. When you use your Delta 8 or HHC vape, the oil inside starts to heat up and thin out. As this happens, the excess oil starts flowing through the small holes or pores in the cartridge.


Over time, or with overuse, this excess oil can actually begin building up on the sides of these holes. This fact paired with the fact that the actual material of the cartridge can expand, and contract from the heat of the oil are what often contribute to your vape becoming blocked or clogged.


Vape Oil is Too Cold

The oil inside your vape is very thick and sticky. Without enough heat to thin this oil when you attempt to vape, the oil does not flow through these holes as freely and can again, lead to a clogged vape.


Too Hot Extreme Temperatures

Alternatively, another reason your vape may become clogged is if the vape oil inside is too hot. If the oil becomes too hot, it can start to vaporize before it even hits the heating element in your cartridge. When this happens, the oil starts to condense on the sides of the cartridge therefore clogging the small holes inside, leading to a blockage.


Dead Battery

If your Delta 8 Disposable is clogging, one of the first things you should do is check the battery. Most disposable vapes Everyday Delta carries are rechargeable for this very reason. If your battery is dead, it can no longer heat the oil inside the cartridge, which will lead to the above issues caused by your vape oil being too cold. Keeping your battery fully charged will also ensure you are getting the fullest effects and flavor from your Delta 8 or HHC disposable.


If you have a variable voltage disposable pen or battery, the ideal voltage for vaping Delta 8 is anywhere between 2.5V and 3.3V. Vaping outside of this range can lead to a clogged cart or disposable.


Left Unused for Long Periods

When was the last time you used your disposable or cartridge? If it’s been a while, the oil inside may have dried up and left you with a clogged vape. If vapes are not used for an extended period of time, the oil inside can start to evaporate. This thick, sticky residue can then leave you with a clogged vape.


Inside each vape cartridge is a wicking material; this material is what absorbs the vape oil and delivers it to the heating element. Over time, this can dry out and become brittle. When this happens, it can break off into small pieces, causing an obstruction or clog in your disposable or cartridge.


Storage Temperature

Another often overlooked cause of a clogged disposable vape or vape cartridge is the ambient temperature. This can be a real issue for those who live in climates with extreme heat or cold. The temperature you store your vape in can significantly affect the viscosity of the oil in your vape. While cold temperatures can leave you with a clogged vape, warmer temperatures can lead to issues with the oil running into the airflow holes, which can also cause a clog. 



How Do I Prevent my Delta 8 Disposable from Clogging?

Now that you know some of the causes of a clogged vape, let’s take a look at some preventative measures you can take to maximize the life of your vape cart or disposable vape.


Start off with Softer Hits

Slow is smooth, in this case anyways. The easiest thing you can do to prevent clogging is to take softer hits. When you take too hard of a hit, the oil can vaporize before it reaches the heating element causing the same issues as when you vape with too much heat.


Both will cause oil to condense on the sides of the mouthpiece and reduce, or even block the flow of air, rendering your vape all but useless. Softer hits should help prevent this issue. 


Draw Extra Air, Take Longer/Slower Hits

Another way to prevent clogging is to draw extra air by taking longer or slower hits. If long drags aren’t your style, simply exhale after a shorter hit and then inhale again. This gives the oil more of a chance to vaporize instead of just burning up.


With this method, more airflow should be flowing through the mouthpiece, and this will have helped clear any clogs that may have already begun.


Remember, the key is taking slow, steady pulls, allowing the oil to reach the heating element. Doing this a few times can help dislodge any small clogs that had begun to form. Not to mention, this will also help to improve the overall flavor of your vape. When the oil vaporizes, rather than burns, the natural flavors and terpenes will be more pronounced, leading to a much more enjoyable experience.


Keep Your Disposables Vertical When Not in Use

If you’re not using your disposable vape or cartridge, be sure to store it upright. Vertical storage will prevent any oil from pooling into the mouthpiece, which can then become clogged. Although most disposables are designed not to leak, it’s not a sure thing. Storing your vapes upright will prevent any oil from leaking out in the off chance that you do end up with a leak. This is what can happen if stored on their side for too long.


Storage Temperatures

Your best bet is to store your disposable vape and vape cartridges in a dry location at room temperature when at all possible. At the very least, returning your vape to room temperature prior to using will help clear out any excess oil that may have leaked due to heat. If you had to choose, cold temperatures are actually best compared to extremely hot environments. 


How to unclog my Delta 8 vape 

How to Unclog a Delta 8 Disposable Vape

Here is a step-by-step guide to unclog a disposable vape, getting you back to taking hits of Delta 8 or HHC in no time!


Warm Your Pen Before Use

If your Delta 8 vape pen is too cold, the oil will be more viscous and will be difficult to draw. Some disposable vapes and batteries come with a pre warm function, this is exactly why. As oil warms it becomes thinner and flows more freely. You can also gently heat the pen using either a hairdryer or lighter for 30-60 seconds until it is warm to the touch. This thinned oil will now be easier to draw.


Keep in mind, when warming the vape pen you don’t want to subject it to too much heat. This can cause the oil to evaporate and will degrade the potency of your oil. Not to mention, most disposables are made of plastic, and you run the risk damaging your disposable.


Clean Your Pen Out

Another step that can be taken if needed, is to clean out your disposable. You’ll just need a cotton swap to remove any residue that may be left inside your mouthpiece. Alcohol or soapy water can be used to help with this. Once cleaned, be sure to let it dry completely before using again. After those steps you should be back in action.


Take a Dry Hit

Once you’ve heated and cleaned your disposable with the steps above, you can easily test your results by taking a dry hit from your disposable. If you have successfully cleared your clog, you will be able to draw extra air through the mouthpiece as if you were taking a hit but without operating your device.


If you can draw air easily, then your vape is unclogged. If you are still dealing with a clog, you can repeat the steps above until it is cleared.


How To Clean a Vape Cartridge

You’ll want to start by disassembling your device by removing the vape cartridge from the battery. Using some cotton swabs, wipe down the connection points on the device and the cartridge.


Next, soak a cotton swab in some isopropyl alcohol and use it to clean the heating elements on both the cartridge and the device. Once cleaned, reassemble your device. You’ll want to allow it to dry completely, roughly 15-20 mins, before using again. Wipe down the entire device with a clean dry cloth.


If your vape cartridge is still clogged, another trick you can try is heating the entire cartridge (without the battery) with a hair dryer on its lowest heat setting. Of course, be careful not to burn yourself while doing this. Tossing the cartridge directly into a plastic bag of some sort can make this process easier.


Once you’ve applied some heat and allowed the mouthpiece to cool, you should find that you’ll be able to draw air freely though the mouthpiece again. Voilà, no more clogged cart. 


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