Comparing and trying to determine the differences between all of the various THC analogs can be a daunting task. This is made increasingly harder as it seems as though new cannabinoids that we've never heard of are constantly entering the cannabis world. The latest cannabinoids to capture the attention of many are THCO and THCP — two compounds that have swiftly climbed the popularity charts in the cannabis market.


If you're curious about what distinguishes these two hemp-derived cannabinoids and how they've made an impact on the cannabis industry, you've landed in the perfect spot.


Continue on as we compare THC-O and THC-P, contrasting their commonalities, differences, and distinct characteristics.


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THC-O vs THC-PKey Points

  • Both THC-O and THC-P are hemp-derived cannabinoids

  • THC-P is significantly stronger than THCO, causing many to consider it to be the strongest cannabinoid on the market currently.

  • THCP is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp plants while THC-O is synthesized from hemp-derived cannabinoids causing it to be considered a synthetic cannabinoid.

  • THC-O has been addressed by the DEA and they have positioned themselves against it. Currently, they consider it an illegal controlled substance in their eyes due to its synthetic nature.



Join us as we compare two of the leading high-potency hemp-derived cannabinoids, which each having their own slight differences that make them unique from their felt effects, potency differences, methods of production, legal status, and chemical structures.



Many can agree, especially those who have had a chance to try both of these cannabinoids, both of these cannabis compounds are very potent. In fact, both are significantly stronger than conventional THC (Delta 9 THC products). Granted this comes from anecdotal evidence, as there is still not enough conclusive research.


This anecdotal evidence suggests that THCP stands out as the winner for being the most potent cannabinoid when it comes to potency alone. Many often consider THC-O to be roughly three times stronger than traditional THC whereas THCP is thought to be two times stronger than THC-O.



Not only do THC-O vs THC-P comparisons shine light on these cannabinoids' potency differences but they also highlight some differences in their effects.


As far as felt effects are concerned, users typically report a different high from each. More often users associate THC-P with relaxation and sedative properties whereas users generally report THC-O as offering more of an energetic high with uplifting effects that tend to take longer to set in.


Chemical Structure

Another distinct difference between THC-O and THC-P lies in their chemical makeup. THCO is a THC analog with an added acetate ester (acetic anhydride), which alters its interaction with the endocannabinoid system, specifically the CB1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain.


Conversely, THCP is distinct with a seven-carbon alkyl side chain versus THC's five, this is thought to be what causes THC-P to bind so much more effectively to the endocannabinoid system. Notably, THCO shares the five-carbon chain, contrasting with THCP's seven.


Extraction Methods

This is where these two differ the greatest. THC-O is synthesized in a lab setting. Unlike THC-O, THC-P is a naturally occurring cannabinoid which means that it can be extracted directly from hemp or marijuana plants without using the standard cannabinoid extraction process from harvest to final purification.


THC-O on the other hand cannot be produced using this process. The addition of acetic anhydride must be added to already extracted THC molecules in order to synthesize THC-O from other cannabinoids like CBD.


Keep in mind that THCP, because it is present in minimal amounts in cannabis, is also typically synthesized for commercial availability, typically through similar cannabinoid manipulations as THCO. This, by definition, could cause some to consider both to be synthetic cannabinoids.


What is THC-P?

What is THCP?

THCP, which does occur naturally in cannabis plants, distinguishes itself by binding to CB1 receptors and the endocannabinoid system with an efficacy 33 times greater than THC. This causes THC-P to deliver more potent psychoactive effects than Delta 9 THC.


Despite its natural occurrence in hemp, the rarity of THCP requires its synthesis from more prevalent hemp-derived cannabinoids.


Benefits of THCP

Potential benefits of THCP may include effects such as sedation, pain alleviation, and anti-inflammation. However, it's important to recognize that these claims are primarily based on user reports, with scientific research on THCP still being quite limited.


Effects of THCP

While many cannabinoids can have varied effects from person to person it is a general consensus that THC-P is more potent than THC.


THC-P tends to induce effects including relaxation, euphoria, altered time and space perception, enhanced sensory experiences, pain relief, and a boost in creativity. Some of the potential side effects could include anxiety, paranoia, and impaired coordination.


How is THCP Made?

Although THC-P can be found naturally in the cannabis plant, THCP is predominantly produced synthetically due to its minimal presence in these cannabis plants.


This involves modifying CBD's molecular structure through a method called isomerization, which utilizes specialized chemical equipment in a laboratory setting.


Best ways to use THCP

The best consumption method to use THCP hemp-derived products is going to ultimately be up to you and based on user preferences.


Many find that they prefer using THC-P in the form of THC-P vapes and THC-P gummies but THC-P can be taken in many different ways to include, including vaping, smoking, dabbing, tinctures, and of course edibles.


What is THC-O?

What is THC-O?

THC-O, also known as THC acetate ester, is a synthetic cannabinoid with psychoactive properties, created by introducing acetic anhydride and sulfuric acid to Delta 8 THC. User reports suggest that THC-O's potency is about three times that of standard THC (Delta 9 THC) that many are so familiar with.


Benefits of THC-O

Because of the way that THC-O interacts with the body's endocannabinoid receptors, its ability to influence various bodily functions is very high.


THC-O may be associated with certain health advantages like pain alleviation and appetite stimulation, and it may also contribute to mood enhancement and relaxation. However, concrete benefits require more human studies. Current knowledge mostly stems from user reports and feedback.


Effects of THC-O

Because there is limited research on THC-O, its full range of effects remains somewhat unclear. However, due to its structural resemblance to THC and its higher potency, anticipated effects may include relaxation, euphoria, pain relief, and enhanced sensory perception, among others.


Like all other cannabinoids, there is always a risk of possible unwanted side effects. These potential side effects could encompass anxiety, paranoia, and decreased coordination. This risk is especially true in high doses.


How is THC-O Made?

THC-O is not naturally present in hemp or cannabis, so it must be produced synthetically. The process begins with extracting CBD from hemp, followed by its conversion to Delta 8 THC through isomerization, a molecular rearrangement.


From there, acetic anhydride is introduced to Delta 8 THC, which transforms it into THC-O acetate. This step usually eliminates most all terpenes from Delta 8 and is what contributes to THC-O's increased strength. In essence, while THC-O is synthetic, its origins do trace back to the natural hemp plant.


Best ways to use THC-O

Similar to other cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC, there are various methods for consuming THC-O. Popular options include disposable vapes, vape carts, ingesting gummies or other edibles, using tinctures, or smoking.


The consumption method you choose will often be based on your specific needs and preferences. For example, if you prefer quicker effects, vaping and smoking offer rapid onset, whereas gummies and edibles tend to work more slowly.


Ultimately, the best method aligns with your desired experience and how quickly you want the effects to kick in.


THCP vs THCO, which is better

THC-P vs THC-O: Which Should You Choose?

The choice between THCP and THCO is really going to be based on your individual needs, experiences, and preferences. Not to mention, THC-O availability has appeared to have gone down drastically as many online THC retailers like Everyday Delta have stopped carrying cannabis products that contain THC-O.


This, in addition to if you're seeking a more potent psychoactive experience, might mean that THCP products will suit you better. Conversely, if you prefer a high that induces laughter and excitement, THCO could be more appropriate. Essentially, neither is superior; it just comes down to preferences and availability.


Benefits of THCP vs THC-O

When comparing the potential benefits of THC-O vs THC-P it can be a tough call as to which is best for you. In reality, both of these popular cannabinoids offer similar potential benefits and uses. The best choice for you may truly come down to how strong of a psychoactive potency you are looking for.


Both of these cannabinoids interact with the human body similarly with THCP delivering stronger soothing effects and THC-O offering a slight advantage if you are looking for uplifting and energizing effects while still having a therapeutic potential.


Potency of THCP vs THC-O

While both THC-P and THC-O are known for their strong psychoactive effects and will both certainly get you high, THCP is recognized as the more potent of the two. It's believed to be twice as strong as THC-O and ten times more than THC, while THC-O is estimated to be three times more powerful than the standard Delta 9 THC high.


Effects of THCP vs THC-O

THCO and THCP share many of the same common effects, including inducing euphoria, relaxation, and an increased appetite, along with an altered perception. Both may also offer potential therapeutic benefits like pain alleviation and relaxation.


Where to buy THC-O and THC-P

Where to Buy THCP and THC-O Products Online

You may have a hard time finding THC-O products today due to the DEA's public stance on fully synthetic cannabinoids. This point might make your choice a simple one, just by that fact alone.


Regardless, if you are searching for high-quality THC-P products, you can find a wide selection of THC-P product options for sale at many online retailers like Everyday Delta. You can expect only the most reputable Delta 8 brands and products for sale all backed by third-party lab testing.


This ensures that you are getting not only safe hemp-derived THC products but that are also compliant with federal law and free of any unsafe by-products or additives.


Recap THC-O vs THCP

Both THC-O and THC-P have emerged as popular cannabinoids in the cannabis industry, each known for its potency and unique properties that enhance the overall cannabis experience. While THC-P can be found in trace amounts in cannabis, THC-O is fully synthetic.


These distinct differences are worth noting and while more research is needed to fully understand each of these, they both make an interesting option for those searching for something beyond regular THC.



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