What are THC diamonds?

Diamond mining is no small feat, yet it's still done every day in order to reach the cherished jewels we call diamonds. Are the diamonds that can be found in the world of cannabis as coveted as these precious stones?


Cannabis diamonds are gaining in popularity, whether you are visiting a dispensary or buying THC online at Everyday Delta, they have become a staple in cannabis culture. But what exactly are cannabis diamonds, and is all the hype surrounding them justified?


This article aims to answer all your questions about weed diamonds, including what makes THC diamonds unique along with the best way to consume them, and most importantly, are they worth all the hype?


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Key Takeaways

  • Cannabis diamonds are a distinct form of cannabis concentrate that exhibits a crystallized structure, resembling actual diamonds.

  • With a minimum of 97% THCA, cannabis diamonds are currently the most potent cannabis products available in the cannabis market.

  • It's worth noting that cannabis diamonds won't induce a high until they are heated to transform the THCA into THC.


What are THC Diamonds

What are Cannabis Diamonds?

At first glance, pure THCA diamonds appear similar to the conventional diamonds we're familiar with - they have solid crystalline structures and a partially transparent appearance. However, unlike traditional diamonds, THCA diamonds can induce a high depending on their method of consumption.


Essentially, THC diamonds are a variant of cannabis concentrates that exist as crystals, people typically smoke THC diamonds. It's important to note that these crystals are not yet THC; they consist primarily of THCA (97 to 99%), alongside 1 to 3% terpenes and other cannabinoids. Diamonds range in size from small pieces to very large chunks.


Interestingly, although THCA is non-psychoactive, it can be converted to an intoxicating THC when exposed to high temperatures. Thus, THCA diamonds must be heated before they can produce the psychoactive effects of THC.


Dab rigs or vaporizers are commonly used to consume THC diamonds because they provide the necessary heat for the THCA to be converted to THC. Joints and bongs, on the other hand, don't always reach high enough temperatures to induce this transformation.


How are THCA diamonds made?

How are THC Diamonds Made?

Having addressed the question of "What are THC diamonds?", let's delve into the process of how these THC crystals or crystalline concentrates are made.


Similar to natural diamonds, pure THC diamonds form through the application of pressure. However, what is the source material for producing weed diamonds?


To obtain pure THCA diamonds, a cold-extraction process is utilized to extract the compound from the cannabis plant material. Following that, the oil is subjected to immense pressure inside a chromatography machine until it transforms into crystalline structures that resemble diamonds. However, this is just the initial phase of the process.


Once the crystals have formed, the subsequent stage involves shaping them into diamonds. There are typically two techniques for achieving this: either via a closed-loop system or through the crystalline method. Let's explore how these diamonds are made.


Closed-loop Extraction Method

In the closed-loop process, a liquid solvent is utilized to extract the THC and terpenes from other plant matter. Due to the nature of this extraction process, the system retains most of the liquid solvents in order to supersaturate the solution with THCA.


Compared to most solvent-based extraction methods that happen rapidly, the closed-loop system purges the solvent over a much longer period of time. This process can take a few days all the way up to two weeks. During this period, the THCA crystals gradually begin to form.


Crystalline Method

The crystallization process of creating THC diamonds is similar to the process of making rock candy. In this method, THC isolate is blended with a solvent to create a supersaturated solution. Heat and pressure are then applied to cause the THCA to bond to other THCA molecules in the solution to form crystalline structures that resemble diamonds.


As the diamonds begin to take shape, the solvent is evaporated. At this stage, most manufacturers reintroduce the strain's terpenes (or other liquid terpenes) to ensure that the entourage effect, the interaction between cannabinoids and terpenes, is present when consuming THC diamonds.


How strong are cannabis diamonds?

How Strong are THC Diamonds?

THCA crystalline diamonds are the most flavorful, incredibly potent, and concentrated form of potent cannabis concentrates available.


Pure THCA crystals typically contain at least 97% pure THCA. THCA converts to THC after it is exposed to heat, which makes THCA diamonds one of the purest and most potent sources of THC on the cannabis market today. Even with some loss during the conversion process, such as through smoking, users can still expect to inhale more than 90% THC when heating and consuming THCA diamonds.


In addition to its potency, THC diamonds also offer long-lasting effects. Compared to smoking weed or other cannabis products, which usually result in short-lasting highs, the effects of cannabis diamonds can last for hours. This combination of potency and duration makes THC diamonds an impressive and sought-after cannabis concentrate.


Are THCA Diamonds Safe?

Concentrated THCA in the form of cannabinoid crystals sound amazing right? But are they safe?


Yes, THCA crystalline diamonds are generally considered safe like many other major cannabinoids or hemp-derived products. Although, because of their extremely high potency there is an increased risk of adverse side effects like paranoia, red eyes, dry mouth, and other common side effects associated with cannabis. This is especially true when taken in high doses.


The good news is that these side effects are usually not dangerous and will wear off quickly. However, it's important to consider the negative effects of smoking or inhaling anything that isn't oxygen. It is important to keep the risks of smoking and vaping in mind since heating diamonds is necessary for them to convert to THC.


Best Ways to Consume Diamonds

Unlike other concentrates, in order to activate the psychoactive effects of a THCA diamond, they must be heated first. This can be achieved through several methods such as dabbing, vaping, or smoking.



When using an electronic vaporizer to consume weed diamonds, the process is fairly straightforward. First, you'll need to drop the diamonds into the cartridge of the vaporizer, then slide it into place. Next, turn on the vaporizer and inhale the vapor.


Alternatively, there are also many ready to go disposable vape options that will accomplish the same thing without requiring any special hardware or devices. 


Smoking Pre-rolls

Another alternative is to smoke joints infused with THCA diamonds. They function similarly to regular joints, except that they contain cannabis diamonds. As a result, you don't need any special equipment; all you need is a lighter to lift off.



You will need a dab rig for this method of consumption. These rigs usually consist of the rig, a carb cap, and a nail. You use these by first heating up the nail and then dabbing your crystalline THCA on that before finally inhaling the THC from the rig.


Regardless of the technique you select, keep in mind that a THCA diamond is at least four times more powerful than regular marijuana. As a result, proceed with caution and take it easy, particularly if this is your first time.


cannabis concentrates vs thca diamonds

Cannabis Diamonds vs. Other THC Concentrates

When you compare THC diamonds to other THC concentrates, such as live resin or Delta 9 live rosin the THC potency usually ranges between 50% and 80%. However, concentrated THCA has the highest potency of THCA (and subsequently THC) in comparison.


Crystal and solid forms of THCA cannabis diamonds can be found and offer the highest concentration of THCA, which comes in at around 97%. Additionally, due to their specialized extraction method and higher potency, cannabis diamonds are generally more expensive than other potent concentrate products.


Where to buy THCA diamonds online

Where to Buy THC-A Diamonds Online

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