Cali Extrax Review: Exploring the California Inspired THC Brand

What's Cali Extrax all about?

Cali Extrax is a brand inspired by the best aspects of the California lifestyle. Skating, surfing, snowboarding, art, rap - all of these things are fundamental to the cultural make-up that makes California great, and Cali Extrax embraces them all.


At Everyday Delta we seek out dependable brands that guarantee safety, top-notch quality, and a gratifying experience for us and our customers. Cali Extrax is one such brand that's doing just that, with their creative and California-inspired assortment of hemp-derived THC products.


Join us as we dive into a thorough review of the Cali Extrax brand, including reviews of their newest additions like their Level Up Blend line and Cali Reserve lineup of products.


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Cali Extrax Review Highlights

Cali Extrax is the perfect way to experience the best of California's cannabis culture. They offer some unique and very potent Delta products that are made with the highest-quality ingredients. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, they are constantly innovating and improving their products.


If you're looking to experience the California lifestyle, one puff at a time, it's time you checked out Cali Extrax!


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The Pro's (+)


  • Authenticity

Cali Extrax is an open book. They offer accurate lab results for every single product they produce. From top-notch distillate and accurate ingredient lists, 3rd party lab tests are always available.


  • Passion & Commitment

The passion and commitment to creating the best Delta products on the market are obvious in the products they make. No matter how large a company they become they are fully committed to constantly innovating and improving their products.


  • Transparency

Their belief that customers deserve to know exactly what they're getting aligns with Everyday Delta's mission. That's why lab-test results are available, and they offer full transparency about the ingredients and the manufacturing processes used.


The Con's (-)


  • Limited Single Cannabinoid Options

Cali offers many potent combinations of cannabinoids from Delta 11, THC-P, THC-H, and Delta 8 but they do not offer many options for single cannabinoid products. So, if you're just starting out with hemp-derived THC or are specifically looking for products with only THC-P or Delta 8 you may want to look elsewhere.


Everyday Delta Staff Pick

Cali Level Up Blend Gummies

The brand new Cali Extrax Level Up Blend Gummies just plain hit different! Let's first examine what this new Level Up Blend consists of.


These flavorful gummies are infused with a potent blend of THC-A, THC-B, and THC-P plus live resin. This is the perfect blend of cannabinoids to get the job done, whether that's for getting a deeper night's sleep or helping your body relax after a long day.


I will say, these THC gummies are strong. When I say strong, I mean strong! Each jar holds 25 gummies with each gummy consisting of 200mg at an outstanding price and phenomenal value. For those just starting out with THC or not familiar with their THC tolerance I would recommend starting with a half or even a quarter of a gummy at first.


Cali Reserve x Ocho Extracts Alter Ego Disposable Vape Review

Cali Extrax Alter Ego THC-A Disposables

Who doesn't like a good collab right? Well, this one is no different, Cali Extrax has teamed up with Ocho Extracts for thier release of the 3.5 gram Alter Ego Disposables.


As the hemp-derived THC space continues to move towards larger capacity disposables, these THC-A vape pens hit the mark. Not only do they contain the increasingly popular cannabinoid, THCA, but they also contain 11-Hydroxy THC with added live resin. Not to mention, these pens just look killer. 



This wasn't my first disposable pen from Cali Extrax and as expected - wow it didn't let me down, they hit the bullseye with this collaboration in every category from the packaging to potency, purity, and taste. Each pull left me with a thick vape cloud and the battery life was outstanding.


I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a convenient way to elevate your mood or relax and unwind from daily stresses.


Available Flavors: Malibu Mochi (Hybrid), Slurricane (Indica), and Sonoma Coma (Sativa)


Cali Extrax Level Up Blend Disposable Vape Review

Cali Level Up 5g Disposable Vapes

Keeping with the theme of large capacity, the Cali Extrax Level Up Blend Disposable is their brand new 5 gram disposable device. Now, I'm all for larger devices so long as I don't run into clogging issues. A blend could be spot on but that does me no good if I end up having to toss my vape pen halfway through because it crapped out on me.


Well, I have good news for you! I was able to fully enjoy these Level Up blend disposables from start to finish without any issues with clogging. Granted, I did my part by not leaving it in my hot car and used best practices for storing disposable vapes but that's just plain impressive and speaks to the quality of the device they chose. Well done Cali!



I'll first start off by saying that I am a huge fan of THC-A. If you haven't read into it you should read up on it in this article: What is THCA?


Now that you're up to speed you'll understand why just a few puffs of these go a long way, which makes these disposables an even better bang for your buck! Upon heating, the THC-A, paired with the THC-P and THC-B in this blend did its magic, or what at least felt like magic, leaving me feeling giggly and euphoric.


For me, this vape would probably be best used in the evenings to help with sleep, although they do offer some Sativa options if you're looking for more daytime enjoyment.


Available Flavors/Strains: Cherry Moon Pie (Sativa), Double Tap OG (Indica), Double Tap OG (Indica), Double Tap OG (Indica), & Double Tap OG (Indica)


Cali Extrax Live Resin Gummies Review

Cali Reserve Live Resin Gummy Rings Berry Blue

Cali Reserve Live Resin Gummies have been a big seller for Cali Extrax for quite some time now. These gummy rings are unique in that they contain a blend of THC-X, THC-P, Hydroxy 11 THC, Delta 8, and of course, live resin.


The classic Cali Extrax live resin gummies feature a, just as potent, combination of THC h, Delta 11, Delta 8, and once again, live resin.


Cali Extrax Live Resin Gummies


I was able to try out a couple of flavors of each of the two live resin gummies. I tested out the Orange County Creamsicle and Guava Blast gummies along with the Berry Blue and Tangie Peach live resin gummy rings.


The Orange County creamsicle flavor tasted just like sweet ripe oranges and rich cream while the Berry Blue gummy rings left me feeling like I was on a tropical escape as I began sinking into the couch. Regardless of which of these gummies or flavors you choose, you simply can't go wrong.


Available Flavors: (Gummy Rings) Berry Blue, Kiwi Mixer, & Tangie Peach (Live Resin Gummies) Guava Blast, Orange County Creamsicle, & Strawberry Mango Madness


Cali Reserve Preheat Disposables Review

Cali Reserve Preheat Disposable Vapes

While not as new as the Cali products mentioned earlier, the Cali Reserve Pre-Heat Disposable Vapes have been a fan favorite for quite a while. They have given them a bit of a facelift and at the same time rolled out some new exciting flavors. Since taste is key for many, I decided to try out a few of these new flavor options.


On deck was their freshly released Blue Hawaiian, Cotton Candy Grape, and Cherry Blush. I immediately gravitated to the Cotton Candy Grape, not only did it sound amazing but I'll admit, I'm a sucker for all things grape.


That said, I had very high hopes that they did my favorite flavor justice. It turns out, they nailed it! Spot on and hands down my favorite, don't get me wrong both the Blue Hawaiian and Cherry Blush were more than refreshing and enjoyable.



I am happy to see they kept the same combination of my favorite cannabinoids, THC-P, Delta 9, and Delta 8 makes these disposables just as effective as they are strong. The battery life I experienced was nothing short of what I expected. The price of these makes these another great value from Cali Extrax.


Available Flavors/Strains: Cotton Candy Grape (Sativa), Italian Ice (Indica), Blue Hawaiian (Hybrid), Cherry Blush (Sativa), Orange Bud (Hybrid), Red Haze (Sativa), & Tropical Ztarburst (Hybrid)


The Final Verdict

Cali Extrax has rapidly earned its reputation as a trusted leader in the hemp-derived Delta 8 THC space. The brand's commitment to superior quality, consumer safety, and cutting-edge innovation is evident in their diverse product offerings and exceptional customer experience.


As with any mind-altering product, we recommend that potential consumers exercise due diligence, begin with moderate doses, and use the products responsibly. If you're in the market for an array of delightfully unexpected and exotic fruit flavors, Cali Extrax gummies and vapes could be your perfect match.


If you are looking to buy Cali Extrax products, we offer the full selection of their best-selling products at You'll also find an extensive lineup of other top brands at unbeatable prices. Plus, enjoy the convenience of rapid shipping right to your doorstep.